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Help Your New Employee Navigate The Frightful First Days

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Do you remember your first day… in school, in a neighborhood or at a new company? It’s at the least an unsettling feeling. Yes, it can be exciting and you’re often eager to begin but then you begin and everyone else seems so comfortable, knowledgeable and in their groove. You’re trying to learn it all, watch it all and appear confident.

What can an employer and coworkers do to help a new employee adjust during their first few months at a new company? Here are some suggestions to create inclusive work environment…

  1. Write a welcome note emphasizing that you are so happy that they are part of your group. Add light tidbits about the office space such as routines and schedules of meeting as well as expectations at meetings, typical lunch habits and possible after work get togethers. Of course make sure they know that you are always available for them and are happy to answer all questions.
  2. Set them up with a mentor or partner. Do this with regular consistency and planned hours. Someone you know that is receptive to this role and familiar with all aspects of the company.
  3. Introduce them to others .. A quick walk around the workplace with short introductions will at least give them a sense of who else is around. Often a few coworkers will make an impression and leave the new employee recognizing one more person and maybe a few names.
  4. Praise them and say thank you. Be aware of their efforts and successes. Remember to acknowledge them with kind words. 
  5. Join an Employee Rewards Platform. This makes it easy to welcome and introduce new coworkers and a great way to make them feel part of a community. The perks offered when engaged in PerkSweet will also be a bonus. “Welcome”, ”Glad you’re here”, “Congratulations for being part of our team” along with the ability to earn kudos and gift cards will make any new and reserved employee feel like part of the team.

Hope these suggestions help and the transition to a new job is seamless for your new employee. For more information on Employee Rewards Platforms check out PerkSweet.

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