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The difference between Appreciation and Recognition, and why we need both.

Can you distinguish the term “Appreciation,” and “Recognition” apart? People often mix it up, do not know the difference, or think it has the same definition. For your team to succeed, it is essential to distinguish them apart.  

When you recognize your employees, you say that you truly see their efforts. You understand how their efforts and their ideas have affected your organization. By recognizing others, it allows you to give them positive rewards and feedback.  

On the other hand, appreciating your employees means that you see them for who they are, and fully appreciate them. Their inner traits, values, and personalities.  

Why we need both Appreciation and Recognition With only recognition, employees could feel like they are only a tool for the company, with their purpose being to solely serve the organization with their skill sets.  
If you only appreciate your employee, they might feel unproductive, like their skills have not been seen. Therefore, it is essential to both recognize and appreciate your employees. This will allow your employees to feel truly valued in your company, which will further motivate, encourage, and appreciate themselves and the company.  

How to both Appreciate and Recognize  At PerkSweet, we allow you to recognize and appreciate your employees with our employee incentives platform. With our platform, you can acknowledge your employees’ contributions by providing virtual rewards, which can be redeemed for real-value gifts.  

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