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The Role of Employee Engagement and Appreciation in a Professional Staff-Centric Culture 

In recent years, we have seen a disconcerting trend in the realm of employee engagement. Gallup’s comprehensive research on the subject revealed that employee engagement in the U.S. took a worrying downturn for the first time in a decade. The ratio of engaged to actively disengaged workers in the U.S. has dropped significantly, hitting the lowest point since 2013. 

Data reveals that active disengagement increased from 2020 to 2022, negatively impacting the engagement ratio. Specifically, the percentage of full- and part-time employees feeling connected and enthusiastic about their work dwindled to a mere 32% in 2022, while the percentage of those disgruntled and disloyal due to unmet workplace needs rose to 18%. 

Why is this happening? 

  • Lack of clarity in expectations 
  • Diminishing connection to the company’s mission or purpose 
  • Fewer opportunities to learn and grow 
  • Fewer chances to showcase their best work 
  • A declining sense of care in the workplace 

While poor employee engagement is a cause for concern, it is not all doom and gloom. Some organizations have managed to buck this trend, boasting an employee engagement rate of up to 70%. These organizations maintain high engagement levels by fostering an employee-centric culture, focusing on flexibility, maintaining strong connections between managers and employees, and emphasizing performance, collaboration, employee wellbeing, and customer service. 

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