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Understanding the Current State of Employee Engagement

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The workplace climate has seen a significant shift in recent years, much in part due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. A recent research report conducted by Gallup indicates a downward trend in employee engagement, prompting concerns about the organizational culture in U.S. businesses.

A Downward Trend in Employee Engagement 

In a 2022 study, Gallup reveals an alarming decline in the ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees in the U.S. The percentage of employees feeling connected and enthusiastic about their work dropped to a mere 32% in 2022. Meanwhile, the number of disgruntled employees rose to 18%, showing a disconcerting rise in active disengagement. 


Several factors contribute to this worrying downturn: 

  • Unclear expectations 
  • A diminished connection to the company’s mission or purpose 
  • Limited opportunities for personal and professional growth 
  • Fewer chances to showcase their best work 
  • A declining sense of care in the workplace 

How to Become a Highly Engaged Organization 

Despite this trend, some organizations have successfully maintained high engagement levels, even boasting an employee engagement rate of up to 70%. These organizations foster an employee-centric culture, emphasizing performance, collaboration, and employee wellbeing. 

Some successful methods they employ include: 

  • Maintaining strong connections between managers and employees 
  • Prioritizing customer service 
  • Offering opportunities for learning and growth 
  • Providing clear expectations and meaningful recognition 

These organizations underline the importance of an engaged workforce and serve as guiding examples for others striving for higher engagement levels. 

While the overall trend in employee engagement is worrying, there are shining examples of organizations that defy this trend. The methods they employ can serve as an effective blueprint for improving employee engagement in businesses worldwide. Many of these shining examples use PerkSweet – implementing PerkSweet’s employee recognition & rewards platform is an excellent way for culture-first organizations to buck the trend. 

For more information about implementing an employee engagement platform within your organization, contact our sales team today. 

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