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Well into Fall!

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It has happened…it’s October.. Whether your company is maintaining an off-site, hybrid or in-person model, one thing is certain, it’s time to buckle down, look at your schedule, and to get reacquainted with your goals and your co-workers.

But how to get started…here’s a few helpful suggestions:

Start by organizing your time- no more half days on Fridays, short weeks or long lunch hours. Plan your day assuming it is a full day the day before. To bed early and awake early, if needed clothes laid out and lunch planned. Backpack, case, desk or cubicle organized and paper, pens, laptop and ear buds all ready. Think of it as the first day of school. The crisper air makes a quick walk in the middle of the day refreshing or even a walk home if you are nearby. The hotter days are scattered so grab all your energy and start off invigorated at the beginning of the day.

Jump into it. You may have a list of tasks that you did not address in the summer assuming the fall would be here soon. It’s easy to postpone a task when you’re overwhelmed but you already know that once you start a project or even plan a start, it flows. There shouldn’t be as many interruptions in your schedule as summer social obligations dim, so cominciare bene ( get off to a flying start)!

Reconnection with peers – summer finds many people vacationing or planning shorter days. Even if you are working a full day, others aren’t and it’s tough to have communication and continuity in the workplace. Now everyone is back to full time hours but it’s been awhile. Remember that your company has partnered with an employment engagement and rewards program. Such platforms like PerkSweet will help you get reacquainted with others and introduce you to some new employees. Initiate a rapport with an associate by sending a PerkSweet card or comment with “Kudos”. A kind remark, complement or the beginning of a light exchange“ how was your summer?” starts a new season on the right foot.  All  possible and comfortable using the PerkSweet model. If your company is not involved in a employee engagement and rewards platform please contact and watch your employees get reacquainted and connected!

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