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What is PerkSweet, and How will it benefit your organization?




  1. PerkSweet – Employee Engagement & Rewards is an online platform that enables your employees to exchange virtual gifts such as gift cards and letters. 

For example, say that you led a project, and it went pretty well, if your company uses PerkSweet, chances are, you will receive many kudos – also known as gifts and rewards from your coworkers.

  1. By using PerkSweet, it enables employees to easily say “Thank you” to each other, such a simple act, yet often forgotten. 

Appreciation is essential to the success of a workplace. It allows for a positive atmosphere in your community, which leads to a higher rate of satisfaction, motivation, and productivity. People are what makes a company or an organization. Therefore, building a strong relationship within your company is the most important component. In relationships, the more you recognize and appreciate the other person, the better the relationship grows.  That applies to your company and work culture as well.

  1. PerkSweet allows you to feel less lonely in the time of remote or hybrid environment. 

With the rise of a remote or hybrid environment, it is difficult to grow and sustain positive relationships at work. With remote working being the new norm since COVID-19, self-isolation and health-related anxiety have created a general sense of unease for many people. Working from home caused loneliness, difficulty communicating, and balancing a work-life balance for many people. Open and honest communication, as well as the feeling of being recognized by others, helps a lot more than you think.

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